Source code for bonobo.execution.strategies

Execution strategies define how an actual job execution will happen. Default and recommended strategy is "threadpool",
for now, which leverage a :obj:`concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor` to run each node in a separate thread.

In the future, the two strategies that would really benefit bonobo are subprocess and dask/dask.distributed. Please be
at home if you want to give it a shot.

from bonobo.execution.strategies.executor import ProcessPoolExecutorStrategy, ThreadPoolExecutorStrategy
from bonobo.execution.strategies.naive import NaiveStrategy

__all__ = ['create_strategy']

    'naive': NaiveStrategy,
    'processpool': ProcessPoolExecutorStrategy,
    'threadpool': ThreadPoolExecutorStrategy,

DEFAULT_STRATEGY = 'threadpool'

[docs]def create_strategy(name=None): """ Create a strategy, or just returns it if it's already one. :param name: :return: Strategy """ import logging from bonobo.execution.strategies.base import Strategy if isinstance(name, Strategy): return name if name is None: name = DEFAULT_STRATEGY logging.debug('Creating strategy {}...'.format(name)) try: factory = STRATEGIES[name] except KeyError as exc: raise RuntimeError( 'Invalid strategy {}. Available choices: {}.'.format(repr(name), ', '.join(sorted(STRATEGIES.keys()))) ) from exc return factory()